The Cro with Dermatology expertise - our clients can attest to our personal hands on apprach to each project - team approach to all projects - full service contract clinical research organization

The International Dermatology Alliance in Clinical Research


Cu-Tech ~ Bioskin is the only CRO Alliance specifically focused and dedicated to Dermatology. Our international services encompass pharmaceutical drug development for all dermatological indications and advanced professional cosmetics.


The Alliance offers outstanding project management services to our clients for their clinical programs. As leaders in the management of pharmaceutical development from the earliest stages, through all phases of clinical trials, the Alliance provides its clients with an unsurpassed consistent quality service.


Client Tailored Services


Full-service for in-house dermatology phase I- II trials.


Management of multi-center phase II - IV trials including:

  • Protocol & CRF design & development
  • Project Management
  • Investigator site selection
  • Monitoring
  • Data Management
  • Statistics
  • Medical Writing
  • Quality Assurance

Consultancy over a wide network of dermatological, regulatory and statistical experts.